Touring the Northeast by Motorcycle

One of the closest places to ride in the entire country on a motorcycle is the northeastern part of the United States. The Olympia Peninsula is fabulous and so is the Antecortes and Bar Harbor. The Oregon coastline too is terrific. There are so many great rides and highways, which go from east to west not too far from the northern Washington State border.

Another great ride that we found was Highway 12 from Lewiston Idaho to Missoula Montana and then from Missoula Montana to Sun Valley Idaho along the Salmon River. From Boise Idaho to Lewiston Idaho is also a great ride.

One thing you must consider when to plan to see the Northeast by motorcycle is that you need to complete your to touring by about October 15 each year, because that's when the rain starts as the weather patterns change. Sometimes it can rain every single day for six months or drizzle and that doesnt make it fun. Also often in the wintertime even on a sunny day there can be ice on the road in the higher elevations and this can be dangerous on a motorcycle.

But in summertime the cascade mountain range in Oregon is spectacular and there are many lakes and fun sites to see. Touring in the Northeast by motorcycle is very fun and it is indeed one of the best places in the United States for long-distance motorcycle riding. The views and the scenery are spectacular. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.